Thursday, August 28, 2008

so this is me(:

so here's the deal:
a crazy, hyper, COOL
shopaholic person
:D ♥
i am: winnielau.
i blow out fourteen lovely candles on the 21st of the beloved christmas month! <=== DECEMBER 21st that is; for the retards!
ENTERTAINMENT to me are those: random moments i have everywhere and anywhere; bizarre times during school days; WILD NIGHTS out (:, wacky parties around, CRAZY times with "losers"

i can't live without: ♥shopping, which is like OXYGEN for my nerves, as it is constantly needed to breathe and create a soothing heart rate, friends are a must, as it is the buffer to those drama and pressure of school, talking is essential for my lungs, heart and brain to facilitate; and eating is life, transporting fuel and energy to be a winniboo ♥ LOVING

these little jumbled fragments are like a puzzle -combines to solve the mysteries of my heart (the many different systems of cardiovascular and respiratory systems): friends, shopping, food, cameras, cash, beach, plums, bags, shoes, phone, water, and jewellery(: -that is
bags, shoes and clothes are carbon :D, essential for living beings and life forms
shopping and friends are a the common oxygen in air, that numerous organisms inhale
partying and wack nights out are a type of nitrogen, one of the four common elements in a body
or in other words:)
bags, shoes and clothes are love :D
shopping and friends are a definite
partying and wack nights out are a must!

ive been to numerous places! and i mean it
ILOVE travelling, and i am planning to visit Antarctica this coming year!
afterwards, i would of been too all the continents of the world!
different from other friends and people, i have MANY MANY MANY favorite places for "different" reasons, such as: NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, L.A., PARIS, LONDON-for shopping, VIETNAM, SOUTH AFRICA, BRAZIL MOSCOW - to experience the different cultures, TOKYO, HONGKONG, SEOUL, TAIPEI, - for the food and different environments, ROME, BRUSSELS, BARCELONA, and European cities for their wonderful historic monuments and scenery!

attending the wonderful school with multi-talented students, i have not only seen the gradual evolution and growth of my immature days to a high school freshie, but i am also honored to witness the development of aisg, itself. from the six years that i have come to call this everbright and clean city of Guangzhou, a home; i have made numerous friends, experienced many difficulties and barriers, overcome great risks and tasks, still managing to have a blast. as they say, an international student is bound to face many obstacles, of the departure of best friends, leaving of loved ones, but we have a much more exciting lives than the others. being multi cultured and influenced by different ethnic societies and culture, the starting of new friendships allow us to have best friends in at least five different countries, still keeping in touch with the friends who may not be next to us, but is certainly next to us in spirits and hearts. like many other international kiddos, we learn and experience what is bad and good from our infinite buds, avoiding mistakes that are fault, and learning from the positive of others. goingthrough much more in our school years, we all strive for the best, and hope for the good. this is me ;D THIS IS MY BELIEF(:

♥ -andthatsme understood?


starburst_babycakes_hotmuffinz_skittles said...

oh wowwww

ur profile is soooo prettiieeeeee
i love the dp
looks good

everyone in it i mean

nice pictureee

Anonymous said...

Hey the school I attend uses the same book and it took me hours to do the homework, but after I found your site it helped me understand it so much more thanks for the help! :D